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Book review: A novel for all you adults who miss a good fairytale…

Apr 04 2013

I have always loved fairytales. I remember making my Grandma act out Snow White with me when I was a little girl. At university I studied their evolution and it turns out, unsurprisingly when you think about it, that in their original forms they are in no way suitable for children. The same can be said of Bitter Greens, Kate Forsyth’s beautiful new novel that breathes life into the Rapunzel story.

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Even daddy loved Disney on Ice 2012!

Mar 14 2012

The show might be the same one year on year but it is still amazing for both kids and parents. Three years after seeing the show at the O2 I took my family to the Wembley Arena show and it did not disappoint us. Not even daddy….

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