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Film Awards: BAFTA results

Feb 09 2015

It was the British film industry’s big night and hopes were high that home-grown talent would be among the winners.  And they were – but one much-fancied movie turned out to be the big loser on the night.  London Mums’ film critic, Freda Cooper, has the low-down.

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Awards: BAFTA predictions

Feb 06 2015

The stars will be out in force this Sunday for the British film industry’s big night out.  The BAFTA film awards is often seen as a predictor for the Oscars and, as the American Academy members still have over ten days to make their choices, they may have some influence.

But first things first.  Who’s going to carry off those gold masks?  London Mums’ resident film critic, Freda Cooper, dusts off her crystal ball to make her BAFTA predictions for the top trophies.

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Top Films of 2014

Dec 22 2014

It’s a fine old tradition among us film critics that at the end of the year we look back at the films from the past twelve months and pick our favourites.  Not be left out, that’s exactly what I’m going to do now, but with a slight twist. I’m only choosing from the films I’ve reviewed here on London Mums during 2014.

Rather than give you a long list of ten, I’ve narrowed the best of the year down to five.  And a diverse lot they are too.

So, in reverse order ……..

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Film review: Soul Boys Of The Western World

Sep 27 2014

You might have noticed that our Editor, Monica Costa, can’t wait for Tuesday’s European Premiere of the Spandau Ballet documentary, Soul Boys Of The Western World, at the Royal Albert Hall.  It’ll be followed by a performance from the band themselves – and, if you can’t make it to the Royal Albert Hall, don’t worry. The film and the concert are being simultaneously screened in at least 24 London cinemas that night.  And that’s all before it’s released on Friday, 3 October 2014!

So, if you’re thinking of going, what should you expect? It is just one for the fans, or do the boys strike a bigger, and louder, chord?

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Film review: Pride

Sep 10 2014

There’s no ignoring the new British movie, Pride.  The publicity machine has been working overtime and the 80s comedy/drama eventually lands in cinemas this week. It’s already been likened to Billy Elliott and The Full Monty and, while there’s some obvious parallels, this is a film that goes its own way.  But does it live up to the hype?

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