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Fertility Testing made easy for women!

Jul 29 2012

New Brand of Fertility Test, Maybe BabyTM Ovulation Tester, that’s 98% Accurate was recently launched in the UK.

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Exclusive interview with the cast of ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’

May 25 2012

London Mums’ magazine editor Monica Costa and I were lucky enough to be invited to the UK press conference for What To Expect When You’re Expecting. And it was a line up to die for: Cameron Diaz (CD), Glee‘s Matthew Morrison (MM), the gorgeous Rodrigo Scatoro (RS), Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford (CC) and rising star Anna Kendrick (AK). Here’s what they had to say about the film and their experience of making it.

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What to expect if you go to see ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’

May 23 2012

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Heidi Murkoff’s 1985 pregnancy bible. It is probably the most famous guide to pregnancy in the English-speaking world. What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and others in the same series, have sold a staggering 35 million copies worldwide. With a phenomenon like this how long could Hollywood be expected to stay away? And sure enough, in line with the recent spate of films about pregnancy (Knocked Up, Juno, Away We Go), Heidi Murkoff’s best-seller has been given the Hollywood treatment.

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Media opportunity with BBC3: Are you having a baby? Are you aged 16 – 30 and based in the UK?

Apr 26 2012

Are you having a baby? Are you aged 16 – 30 and based in the UK? Do you want to share your story?
Firecracker Films are making a landmark documentary for BBC3, following young Brits embarking on one of the most remarkable journeys of their lives – having a baby.

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Are my twins identical?

Apr 19 2012

During prenatal scans almost 15% of parents may be misinformed about whether their twins are identical or not, says a new study from UCL. The research highlights the difficulties associated with determining whether same-sex twins are from one egg or two, and therefore whether they are identical or non-identical.

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