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Best Children’s Book Adaptations

Oct 15 2015

Here at London Mums we cannot get enough of films and books. Here are the best Children’s Book Adaptations.

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Film review: PAN & my three minutes chat with Hugh Jackman

Sep 24 2015

From Warner Bros. Pictures comes PAN, a live-action Peter Pan feature which is the very first imaginative prequel to Peter Pan’s stories. It has never been done before and this makes this movie so original. It’s a Neverland story that has never been told before and that explores the friendship between Peter Pan and Hook before it turns bad for good. The real villain here is eternal youth seeking Pirate Blackbeard (played by no less than Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman).

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Want to fence like Peter Pan? Fencing fitness tips – Most inspiring Olympic sport at London 2012

May 31 2012

You may or may not be aware that I love FENCING as a sport. I started practising sword fighting 2 years ago at the ‘young’ age of 40. What I love the most about this sport is that you can keep practising it until you are very old as it is not aerobic hence not hard on your heart.

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