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If I ask questions will a child talk to me?

Apr 03 2012

I work with children as a speech and language therapist. It is a job I love! It totally fulfills me; what a privilege that I get to talk to kids all day and listen to them express themselves in all their fantastic ways. As a speech and language therapist, it is my job to create a communication environment for a child that is warm, welcoming and therefore easy for a child to communicate in, both verbally and non-verbally. Recently though, I had to stop myself.

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Parenting in the 1970s and 80s was ‘Life on Mars’ compared to the modern age

Mar 15 2012

There has been a sea change in attitudes to pregnancy and early parenting over the past few decades, with parental behaviour shifting in most aspects: from dieting, discipline, breast feeding, returning to work and the role of the partner. These are the findings of a survey commissioned for Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine, celebrating its 25th anniversary in its April 2012 issue.

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