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Help and advice on achieving quality sleep for you and your baby

Aug 05 2015

It can be difficult for the whole family when you have a baby that doesn’t sleep well. You and your partner are constantly tired and tense which can cause problems with each other as well as with yourself. You could become irritable, forgetful and even depressed, and despite your best efforts, a sleep deprived parent is simply not capable of being the best parent they could be. Here’s some tips of how to tackle baby sleep problems and solutions which will help you regain a well-rested family.

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How to Help Your Teenager Achieve at Exam Time

May 15 2015

Parents are uniquely placed to understand their own teenagers. It is parents who have nurtured them from birth and even the best teachers have only known your teenager for a short time. Teachers have the ‘good of the group’ in mind and examination outcomes to work for and whilst a good teacher is a great help when it comes to achieving in a particular subject, it is parents who affect teenage learning behaviours in the most profound way. Teenagers are not yet adults (in some ways they are still very much children) and as such they need their parents to help guide them.

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What role will you play in your child’s career path? Why I encourage my daughter to go into engineering

Apr 27 2015
girls in engineering

I am Chloe Agg and I am Senior Mechanical Engineer at Cundall. I will discuss here the perceptions parents may have of engineering and why I’ll be encouraging my daughter to enter the industry.

This week, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) launched a campaign called Engineer a Better World. The campaign is aimed at parents to encourage their children, especially daughters, to think about engineering as an interesting and relevant career choice. It’s exciting that there are organisations focusing on the promotion of careers in the engineering industry and I am keen to share my insight. What’s more, I think it’s really positive the IET is investigating the barriers that may be preventing more women joining my industry.


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My Ex Rarely Sees the Children

Dec 28 2014

When couples go through divorce, managing time between you and your ex can be stressful, and trying to ensure that your children aren’t affected is equally difficult.

However, in some situations the opposite can happen. When one person appears less interested in maintaining a relationship with your children, this situation can cause even greater upset and hurt for both you and your children.

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How to cope with being a single parent

Dec 27 2014

“I feel exhausted trying to juggle being a single parent and working at the same time. I don’t feel I am doing well at either.” 

Does this sound familiar? Being a single working parent can be very demanding.  The transition from being part of a team managing your time equally, to coping alone can often seem impossible.

Being a single parent means that you have to juggle so much more and for some this means less time spent with the children in order to work or provide. With this inevitably comes the feeling of guilt. That as a result, some parents cannot be there for their children as much as their children would like, and the stresses and strains of working life can make things very difficult at home.

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