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5 Health and lifestyle changes that will benefit you and your family

Feb 29 2024

We all want to do the best for our families, and one of the best areas to focus on for their wellbeing is making good health and lifestyle choices. Whether you want to improve nutrition or prevent health risks from your own lifestyle choices, there are a variety of changes you can make to boost health for you and your family. Take a look at the following five tips we’ve listed below for positive health and lifestyle changes and inspiration.

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Has your little one started reception year? Tips to help children with handwriting

Oct 20 2022
child practising handwriting

Has your little one started reception year? Want to help them with handwriting?  If you’re keen for your kids to have the fine motor skills required to take cursive handwriting in their stride, one way to help them is to have them draw circles. 

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Feb 16 2019

Does your child seem to feel things more deeply or intensely than others and process everything more thoroughly? Are they prone to having hurt feelings, cry more easily and become very upset by criticism? Are they bothered by being in busy places or around too much noise and prefer quiet time? Then they may be a Highly Sensitive Child.

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Feb 07 2019


One in five people or 1.4 billion globally are born with the trait of high sensitivity (sensory processing sensitivity). Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) experience their emotions more deeply and intensely than non-HSPs and they process them for longer. They have high levels of empathy, are deeply compassionate, very intuitive and can pick up on subtleties that others are not aware of. But they can also get affected by environmental and sensory stimuli that others don’t notice or are simply not bothered by. (For example, crowds, too much noise, bright lights and overpowering smells.) And if there is too much stimuli, their sensory nervous system can go into a state of overarousal and they can start to feel overwhelmed and frazzled. 

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Paying for Household Chores?

Nov 25 2018

You want your child to grow up understanding the value of money. You yearn for them to understand you get paid if you work hard. But you also want them to understand that families need to work together and to help out when needed. So how do you decide if you should pay your child for household chores or not?

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