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Should I be worried that my child can’t catch?

Nov 24 2022
three children sitting on the floor catching colourful balls posing for mums magazine

Some children, especially those with poor coordination, struggle to catch a tennis ball with any success – they may stand, hands outstretched, ready and waiting, but seem surprised when the ball actually gets to them, jumping away as if in fear of it hitting them, and no matter how much practice they have this will keep happening. Their throwing skills are likely to be just as poor: confusing overarm with underarm or perhaps trying to aim the ball at a target but never ever getting it anywhere near.

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Is your teenage / University child having problems with Time-Management?

Oct 27 2022
infographic of time management hack for teenagers / university students

This is a blog summary for this week’s blog post – read in full here. It helps parents deal with their University child having problems with Time-Management.

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Feb 16 2019

Does your child seem to feel things more deeply or intensely than others and process everything more thoroughly? Are they prone to having hurt feelings, cry more easily and become very upset by criticism? Are they bothered by being in busy places or around too much noise and prefer quiet time? Then they may be a Highly Sensitive Child.

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London Mums May 2017 newsletter including Half Term activities for families

May 08 2017


Dear London Mums

Spring does not seem to launch and Summer is already at the door. My son is in year 6 and I feel these primary school years have gone so quickly. Before I know my son will be finishing secondary school and will be gone to Uni… I reflect on time and my past 10 years running the London Mums community. Wow! Time flies. In this newsletter, I have packed lots of ideas for the forthcoming May Half Term activities for families in London and beyond as well as ideas for the Summer holidays. In the meantime I am working on our 10th anniversary magazine issue including interviews with Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon and former tennis ace Annabel Croft, among other fab content.


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Babies and children adjusting to new sleep time routines

May 13 2016

As the days grow longer and the evenings become shorter, it’s worth taking a few moments to think about the effect it can have on babies and children with regards to their sleep time routines. As young children can become quite sensitive to a forced change in their usual day-to-day business, with a few simple tips you can ease them in for the lighter evenings without having to completely worry about changing their bedtime routine.

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