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Paid-for media opportunity for mums and babies to be part of a ‘How to Bath and Massage’ video – Email by 6 February 2015

Feb 03 2015
Memory Gate baby newborn photographers

Great Paid-for media opportunity for mums and babies.

A leading baby brand is currently looking for a mum and baby (under 8 months) who would like to feature in an instructional video on their YouTube channel (fee paid).

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Paid-for media opportunity for mums who like speaking in front of a camera – Email by 16 December 2014

Dec 12 2014

Great paid-for media opportunity for London Mums who want to earn a bit of cash by just chatting about the first day of school.

London Mums are looking for fellow mums who love speaking in front of the camera for a lovely short charity film celebrating the universal significance of the first day of school.

The film will feature mums discussing why their child’s first day of school was such a key milestone in their life. We’ll see mums from around the world – India, Brazil, the UK and other countries – talking about their how it felt to see their little boy or girl go off to school on that first day.

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