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50 ways to join in London 2012

Jul 15 2012

We can all be part of this exciting summer 2012 (except for the weather!) and here are 50 suggestions to make the most of it (without emptying your pockets).

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No Gold Medals to the parking organisers at the Olympics! Parking in Olympic boroughs being eased by FREE online service

Jul 10 2012

Let’s face it. As much as I want to stay positive about transport across London during the Olympics I am realistic and I know that we are facing eight weeks of total traffic and parking chaos across the Capital. It is inevitable because London will receive lots of tourists from all over the world and from the UK too.

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Jul 05 2012

Did you know that a polar bear used to fish near the Tower of London? Or that ice bowling on the frozen Thames was once a popular pastime?

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