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What your digestive problems say about you?

Jan 18 2022

Foul-smelling wind, feeling bloated and uncomfortable, constipation, undigested food in your stools and heartburn. DR.VEGAN‘s Dora Walsh Registered Nutritionist talks about what your digestive problems may say about you…

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Is your baby coming up to weaning age? What you need to know!

Feb 19 2015

You have just about got in to a routine with your baby but before you know it the next big phase is lurking around the corner and soon you will need to introduce your baby to food.

For some this can be incredibly exciting but for others it can also be terrifying. There is so much conflicting information about weaning – the how and the when – it is no wonder that many of you end up getting confused.

Here are the really important things on weaning you need to know and the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Healthy Skin Hair and Nails

Mar 28 2014
Healthy Skin Hair and Nails

Clear skin, shiny locks and strong nails are something we all want but as well as looking after them topically with good quality products, their health depends on them being fed from the inside. Certain foods and drinks definitely have the X Factor when it comes to offering an extra boost so here are the top ten in each category with an example ‘day in your diet’ which includes all the essential nutrients to give you the edge. Here are tips to get and maintain healthy Skin Hair and Nails.

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Recipe for your Valentine Menu – Lobster Bisque

Feb 05 2013

This Lobster Bisque Recipe for your Valentine Menu is really unique! Anyone who has lovingly prepared food for another knows its potential power. Silky-smooth and sensually-satisfying is the way to go for a hot Valentines night this year and Lobster Bisque is hard to beat, say nutritionist and author, Fiona Kirk.

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What to do when you are weaning a baby

Jan 30 2013

Weaning (also referred to as complementary feeding) is the process of introducing babies to solid foods. What, and how, you feed your child is crucial to their development and health including developing speech and social skills. However, with so much conflicting information out there it can seem like an incredibly daunting process, instead of the exciting new stage of your baby growing up!

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