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Exercise can make you feel like ‘you’ again – top 5 moves to do whilst baby is napping

Jun 18 2018

If you have read my previous blogs, then you will know that I was very worried before I went off on maternity leave that I would lose my identity without my career. Regularly there are days when I need to remind myself who I am and reassure myself that I am more than just a feeding, highchair cleaning, nappy changing, baby brain nursery rhyme singer. One of the ways I do this is by doing exercise. Yes sounds silly I know, but honestly, it just reminds me that I am more than just a mummy and helps me see clearly again, no matter how foggy my brain feels. 

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50 shades of grey hair

Dec 01 2012

Grey hair. When you need it the least, you get more than ever. I barely have time to dry my hair these days let alone style it. Dying the grey out, well not only is that restricted to very special occasions, birthday’s, Christmas, it’s now become an event in itself. I have to schedule it in! By the time the kids are in bed, the washing up & baby’s bottles prepared, dinner cooked (albeit just a pizza/ready-meal) there’s barely time to sneeze.

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Win 1 of 5 Tiddley Pom £10 gift sets

Mar 26 2012

The creators of the gorgeous new baby spa range Tiddley Pom understand that there is nothing more important in life than bonding with your baby. Using touch, smell and sound, Tiddley Pom makes bonding a pleasurable, easy and relaxing experience for both baby and parent with a range of beautiful products that help create a whole new concept in baby spa treatments.

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Mums would earn £37,000 a year if paid for their time!

Jul 22 2011

Clocking up the mum-hours, Three reveals the reality of modern motherhood. Mums work over 70 hours a week on family activities. Mums would earn £37,000 a year if paid for their time. Cleaning the house takes up the biggest share of mums’ time.

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