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A fresh approach to flexible working – be sociable, make money and have fun

Mar 16 2015

A fresh approach to flexible working – be sociable, make money and have fun

Did you know that direct selling parties have grown by over 150% since 2009? Nearly 900,000 Brits attended one of 127,000 parties last year.

Global household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk is expanding in the UK using a ‘party planning’ sales model, but with a fresh new take. Working with them means you can make new friends whilst making money.

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Testimonials from people who LOVE London Mums

Dec 09 2013

Here we share a collection of emails we have received over the years from our ‘fans’. All messages (not just the few posted here) are treasured as they mean so much to us and give us the motivation to keep going and supporting more women and families.

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: From City Banker to Mumpreneur – Why I Took the Leap!

Mar 19 2013

These days it can be tough for women who want to juggle a career with starting a family. One lady who understands this all too well is Salima Manji, who left a high flying career in investment banking to go it alone, starting up a business in singles supper clubs. In this article, Salima talks about the decisions she faced when it came to starting a family and how it lead to a completely different career choice.

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Scooter Aid – Giving 3rd World Children A Chance Through Play

Dec 04 2012

Finally a story I really enjoyed reading. What a brilliant idea to recycle all our kids’ micro scooters once kids have outgrown them. I love Anna and Philippa, they aren’t just two brilliant mumpreneurs but inspirational women who give back to their communities!

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: Parry Ray, the talented singing yummy mummy

Oct 31 2012

This testimonial is one of my favourite so far. So real, so emotional. I found Parry Ray online and fell in love with her amazing voice!

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