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A mum’s journey to business success in London

Jul 16 2024

Starting a business is no easy feat, especially when you’re balancing the responsibilities of motherhood. Yet, many mums in London have found the key to not just managing but excelling in both realms. With the right strategies, mindset, and strong support system, you can transform your business ambitions into reality.

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8 common mistakes all Mumpreneurs make

Jul 07 2018
mumpreneur and baby at laptop

No one ever plans to be a Mumpreneur. You don’t sit at school with a careers officer and tell them that one day you will start a business to work around your children. When you have children, life changes dramatically. You find yourself dealing with the stresses and expense of working full time and it can feel very overwhelming. It also means you cannot be there for your children when you would like as you have to fit around the constraints of an employer. This is when women turn to self-employment as they see it as the answer to these problems.

However, there are a number of common mistakes Mumpreneurs often make when starting their business, which I explain in detail below:

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Clocking Off for Easter

Mar 27 2013

The hard earned Christmas break seems a distant memory and your kids are looking forward to the Easter holidays and the chocolate treats that come with it.  If you run your own business, ensuring you meet the needs of both your family and your customers can be tricky; especially when it comes to the school holidays. 

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: From City Banker to Mumpreneur – Why I Took the Leap!

Mar 19 2013

These days it can be tough for women who want to juggle a career with starting a family. One lady who understands this all too well is Salima Manji, who left a high flying career in investment banking to go it alone, starting up a business in singles supper clubs. In this article, Salima talks about the decisions she faced when it came to starting a family and how it lead to a completely different career choice.

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International Women’s Day conference 2013 – Speaker’s profile: Michael Shilling, Owner of Memory Gate Photography & social media guru

Mar 07 2013

We look forward to Michael Shilling’s speech at our International Women’s Day conference 2013 on 8 March at City Hall supported by the Mayor of London.

Here we present Michael Shilling’s full profile.

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