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True colours of early motherhood

Apr 18 2018

The moment a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she sees her whole future flash in front of her eyes. It is one of those moments when she experiences the most diversified emotions. Beautiful and scary at the same time. 

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New short documentary about a mother raising a child with three cultures premieres on 1000 Londoners

May 17 2014

How far would you go to have a baby? And how do you bring up a child with multiple cultural backgrounds? A new short film on profiles a woman who has had to deal with both of these issues.

Rose is a Spanish mother who grew up within Stockwell and Brixton’s Hispanic community. Her husband, Artif, is from Egypt and speaks Arabic as his first language. After unsuccessfully trying for a child for many years, Artif took Rose to Egypt for fertility treatment, where it’s a third of the price of comparable treatments in London.

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Mother and Son

May 11 2014


I’m a novelist & journalist…I’m also a mum. And I have to say that the way mothers are portrayed in fiction DRIVES ME NUTS.

Think about the books you’ve read which focus on being a mother…it’s all about the hard work, the difficulties, the mess and the way in which your life is taken away from you.
What about the good stuff??? Where is the joy of being a mum reflected in modern fiction?

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The Sapphires

Feb 18 2013

A DVD is always a great present and what a better gift than a feel-good film. The Sapphires DVD (out on 4th March 2013) is brilliant and your mum will sing with joy this Mother’s Day thanks to this perfect DVD gift. It’s a great girlie movie you can watch with your girlfriends too.

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