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British families urged to swap a sedentary summer for a Playcation

Jun 26 2012

New research recently revealed that British families are stuck to the sofa, with two thirds (68 per cent) of family time being sedentary.

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Bear Grylls Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten

May 21 2012
Bear Grylls

OVER HALF OF UK ADULTS PLAYED OUTSIDE EVERYDAY WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG, COMPARED TO JUST 24% OF KIDS TODAY. The nation’s favourite adventurer, Bear Grylls, gives London Mums some tips to get kids back outside and learn forgotten childhood skills.


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Apr 25 2012

Play sessions get kids more active than at any other time of the school day according to new report.

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Children’s game Bubble Head Balloons

Mar 24 2012

Little Snowflake comes up with the most amazing little character ideas. There she was sitting in the kitchen blowing up balloons. I was just washing up and then suddenly she said “Mummy what do you think of this?” There before my eyes I saw two balloons stuck to each other. One little and one big! It looked like a balloon bomb.

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Transform a Bratz to a Butterfly Blue Holly with wings

Mar 10 2012

When I was looking through the London Mums’ blogs I came across Tanith Carey’s amazing book called “Where has my little girl gone?” I am so excited about this book and hope it creates the change we need to protect our little girls from our plastic world.

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