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Become a dazzling mummy in the blink of an eye

Oct 18 2013

These days a night out is such a rarity and if you’re anything like me you’ll be have forgotten what it means to do ‘going-out’ make-up!

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Beauty Hall & The Beast

Feb 09 2013

The other day whilst applying my foundation I was surprised to see that it is no longer a good match. My skin is now so pale & sun-deprived that even the palest Dior foundation is leaving me slightly orange-looking…”Easy fix” I hear you cry, just take trip to the Beauty Hall!

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This little Piggy went to Bobbi Brown…

Dec 21 2012

This little Piggy went to Bobbi Brown,
This little Piggy went to MAC,
This little Piggy went to Chanel,

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Party make-up

Dec 07 2012

This is the season, so how do you do classy party make-up without going ott & looking like a drag queen? Well Lisa Eldridge, make-up artist to the stars, has produced a lovely video-tutorial to show you everything you need to do.

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