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Memoir Writing: a literary journey into human resilience

May 19 2021

By Francesca Lombardo – I was 25 years old when I asked myself questions such as “why can’t she see me?”, “why can’t she hear me?”, “who is she?”, “who was she really when she was a child just like me?”. 

The person I wanted to ask all these questions was my mother. A mystery to me as a child, as a teen and as young women that I longed to unlock. But mostly a pain that leaves many daughters struggling with their sense of self-worth and a fractured identity; a yearning that turns into an abyssal void. It was then that I jotted down a letter to her, a letter that I have never sent.

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Valentine Gift Guide 2013

Jan 31 2013

In this Valentine Gift Guide 2013 you can find London Mums’ recommendations for unique gifts for both HER and HIM.

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Some Principles of Keeping Love Alive…

Apr 24 2012

I am sometimes really frustrated that the education system today does not prepare us for what it TRULY takes to make a romantic relationship work in the long-term. I wish that I had known some of these principles before I got married. Unfortunately I had to make all the mistakes before I learnt all of these lessons for the future. I had to develop some compassion for myself because I really didn’t have the insights I have today back when I actually needed them.

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Feb 09 2012

Valentines Day sees the release of award winning producer/songwriter Experiment’s brand new single ‘Love Makes the World Go Round’, raising much needed funds and support for WarChild  (worldwide charity organisation that helps children in countries affected by war).

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