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The latest London Mums Summer magazine is out now!

Jul 04 2018

Hello London Mums! 

Our latest issue for the Summer/Autumn 2018 is finally out! The mums I have interviewed for this issue have done extraordinary things in their lives. Their stories are inspiring and positive. I don’t often interview the same people twice, but I have made an exception for Sophie Kinsella who holds a special place in my readers’ hearts for making us laugh with her bestsellers, including the hugely popular Shopaholic series as well as a sweet and funny new children’s series called Mummy Fairy and Me.

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How to raise your adrenaline junkie at skate parks for beginners in London

Feb 08 2018

Is your child interested in skating, but you’re not sure where to take them to learn? Don’t worry, you’re in luck. Our city is home to one of the most established skateboarding communities in the world. There are over 65 London Skate Parks to choose from, catering for all abilities and disciplines. But not all skateparks are suitable for newbies and they are certainly not playgrounds. Following on from our recent article, the best skate parks in London, I have selected my top five skate parks for beginners.

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What kids love about London – Introducing child reporter Abigail

Apr 16 2015
Tower Bridge

I’m Abigail, I’m 10 years old and I live in Brockley, South East London.

My hobbies are singing, dancing, writing and playing the piano.

I love living in Brockley because we have a fantastic park called Hillyfields and it has a fab view over London.

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Taking the Kids to the Theatre in London

Sep 11 2014

My love of going to the theatre began at a young age having always been taken by my parents to the big ‘must see’ West End musicals of the day. Probably one of the first I saw, or at least one that has had a lasting impression on me to this day, was the 1972 production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ at the Palace theatre and starring a then youthful Paul Nicholas in the lead role. I still have vivid images of that production as well as Michael Crawford in ‘Barnum’ a decade later.

I have carried on this tradition with my own children and living within close proximity to London’s West End we are truly spoiled for choice.

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New short documentary about a mother raising a child with three cultures premieres on 1000 Londoners

May 17 2014

How far would you go to have a baby? And how do you bring up a child with multiple cultural backgrounds? A new short film on profiles a woman who has had to deal with both of these issues.

Rose is a Spanish mother who grew up within Stockwell and Brixton’s Hispanic community. Her husband, Artif, is from Egypt and speaks Arabic as his first language. After unsuccessfully trying for a child for many years, Artif took Rose to Egypt for fertility treatment, where it’s a third of the price of comparable treatments in London.

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