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Kids Club: Child reporter Diego builds a Hydraulic Robotic Arm

May 09 2015

You may well remember me as the little scientist who has created videos to teach kids how to learn science in a fun way. As part of that and also trying to learn some engineering skills I have now built a Hydraulic Robotic Arm using a special kit. Here is my handwritten review. Boys and girls alike will both enjoy this educational toy and will learn lots about the physics behind a robot.

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Go on, be ExpeRimental and get stuck into science!

Mar 03 2015

I have what I believe is the best job in the world, I spend my days as the Science Learning Manager at the Royal Institution (home of the famous CHRISTMAS LECTURES) coming up with ideas about how to get people excited about science. My goal is to make science accessible, enjoyable and meaningful for everyone, regardless of their background, location or previous experience with the subject.

I’m also a London mum of two girls, Viola aged 6 and Elodie aged 3, and I find it incredibly satisfying to help them explore their natural curiosity about the world around them and how it works. This makes me especially passionate about supporting parents to get stuck into science at home so that they too can enjoy the same experiences.

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