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It only takes a minute…to find your flow!

Oct 13 2022
father checking his watch and messages in front of a computer posing for mums magazine
“It only takes a minute to do that!” How many times have you heard this sort of statement? What are your thoughts?

How you react depends on your disposition towards time. Are you a person who meticulously measures time, or maybe you are a person who says, ‘It takes as long as it takes!’? Most adults fall somewhere in the middle.

However you look at it, time management can be a very contentious issue in the modern world. We’re often expected to conform to some sort of average, some sort of “normal”, but how many of us actually fit into this? And how can we cope if we fall a long way to one side or the other of what we think society expects?

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Why it just doesn’t add up – Expert’s advice to improve maths’ skills

Dec 22 2016

Industry expert gives the inside scoop on how to get kids back in the Maths charts. I am a former teacher and creator of education app Maths Rockx and would like to share my advice on how to get kids to love learning again and improve their maths’ skills.

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How to avoid Summer regression

Aug 31 2016

JK Educate debunk the myths around your child’s education. Avoid Summer Regression! We all hear how important it is that children avoid forgetting what they’ve learned and losing their learning momentum during the long holidays. This is often called Summer Regression, which sounds quite alarming, but in truth you can prevent it very easily!

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Improve Success in School with Right Brain Learning

Oct 29 2013

Even though half the UK’s students are right brain learners many schools today are still catering primarily for left brain learners. If your child is struggling to learn it may be that their learning style is not being catered for. Recognising that there are different ways of thinking and understanding helps us to realise that children who are struggling are not necessarily academically challenged but may not be being taught using the right methods.

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Mar 20 2013

The news of the UK’s slipping education standards is worrying: From not knowing who invaded England in 1066 to which century WW2 was in, these shocking statistics gathered over the last 12 months are a bit distressful.

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