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Interiors to Make You Smile

May 04 2014

Recently I was looking at wallpaper for a client and became engrossed in the number of animal motifs that feature in the collections of the big interiors companies – and these designs are not aimed at children. The designs I’m talking about were edgy, whimsical but definitely not ‘for the nursery.’ And this got me to thinking, as a pattern an animal motif crosses a lot of boundaries. It is equally at home with spots, checks and stripes – and even florals and patterns harmonise well when co-ordinated with them. A cushion that has an animal on it – and I include fish, birds and reptiles in this group – becomes the instant focus of the scheme. It adds a general sense of drama – but in a playful way – and let’s be honest in a family home, anyone who takes themselves too seriously is going to be crying over split paint before they can say ‘I didn’t really like that rug anyway!’

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