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Recipes: How to Throw a Ravioli Party

May 23 2015

Cooking with children is fun and educational. But if you turn it into a party they will love you forever. Here is a brilliant post that shows you how to throw a Ravioli Party. It can even become the theme for a Birthday Party. The recipes have been extracted from Noodle Kids by Jonathon Sawyer, published by Quarry Books (£15.99).

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Feb 17 2013

This Recipe: RIGATONI ALLA VESUVIANA – With A Name Like This, Direct From Vesuvius, It Can Only Be Hot And Fiery! It Will Warm Up A Winter Evening.

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Recipe: Crostata di Frutta Fresca – FRESH FRUIT TART

Feb 10 2013

This Italian Recipe: Crostata di Frutta Fresca – FRESH FRUIT TART reminds me of the cakes that my Italian Grandmother used to make me when I visited. Really delicious! Just try it.

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Recipe: Meatballs with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Sauce

Dec 26 2012

Super easy one but guaranteed wow factor with your guests and kids alike.

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Recipe: Oven-Baked Cod with Organic Tomato Crust

Dec 22 2012

Brilliant recipe which you can have all year round.

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