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This Week’s Movie News From Talking Pictures including an interview with Ralph Fiennes

Oct 31 2015

After a break last week, Talking Pictures is most definitely back – as is a certain secret agent, James Bond, in his latest outing, Spectre.  And his new M, played by Ralph Fiennes, is in the hot seat for a grilling in The Big Interview.

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Film review: The Hobbit – The Battle Of The Five Armies

Dec 10 2014
The Hobbit - The Battle Of The Five Armies

Director Peter Jackson’s 13 year trek through Middle Earth has come to an end.  After the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the third and final Hobbit film arrives this week.  And that’s it.  Bilbo’s banished, Elrond’s escaped and Legolas is long gone – so to speak. It’s been an epic journey, to say the least.  Six long films, a massive cast and an eye watering budget for The Hobbit – The Battle Of The Five Armies of £462 million, making it reputedly the most expensive production ever.  Is it a fitting finale?  Prepare yourself for one last visit to the world of hobbits, elves and dwarves …….

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