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Everything on Top of You…Literally? Then it’s Time to De-clutter during National De-clutter Week 7-18 March 2012

Mar 05 2012

Who doesn’t remember the TOSS/TAKE scene from Sex & the City? Well, that’s the best way of decluttering your wardrobe and your home. The annual spring clean comes early this year with National De-clutter Week beginning on 7th March 2012. Check some other tips to declutter this spring.

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Mums would earn £37,000 a year if paid for their time!

Jul 22 2011

Clocking up the mum-hours, Three reveals the reality of modern motherhood. Mums work over 70 hours a week on family activities. Mums would earn £37,000 a year if paid for their time. Cleaning the house takes up the biggest share of mums’ time.

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