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London Mums back to school newsletter

Sep 08 2016

Dear London Mums,

School could not come soon enough but at the same time going back to school can be a tricky process for young children and parents. Admittedly my son and I ticked all boxes in a research from Explore Learning that has found what parents say their kids most worry about when returning to school. It’s no surprise that kids dread going back to school, 56% say kids struggle to get back into the school routine, 50% say early mornings are the hardest, 50% of parents in the UK pointed to the early morning starts and a third of kids struggle to cope with the reintroduction of homework.

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Helping your child with times tables

Sep 21 2015
Parents are always on call with homework support. Times tables are essential for maths and children need quick multiplication skills throughout high school, college, and life. Mum and dad need a lot of patience to help their child work with and enjoy the quest of conquering these figures, but be sure that it is well worth it in the end. In this feature London Mums offer help and tools that will come in handy when helping your child with times tables.

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Jun 26 2012

Teachers are increasingly worried as children prefer internet over reading. ‘Twilight effect’ is attributed to two thirds of girls reading fantasy novels. More than a third of children (42%) are likely to have turned off reading for pleasure before they reach secondary school age (11), according to new teacher research recently released.

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Spelling Fun!

May 14 2012

There are so many ways that you can make spelling fun and enjoyable; unusual and also different! Spelling can be creative – here are some ideas, to help you create a fun little world of letters and words for your child.

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