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How can we save on energy bills? Tips to make our home more energy-efficient

Jan 28 2015

As energy bills continue to rise, understanding how to save on energy bills becomes more important. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust highlight this, as they show that British households could save more than £325 in energy bills per year in the form of gas, electricity and petrol. This leads to potential savings of £8.6bn across the country and more money in our family pocket. In a city like London, though, it is very difficult to find a reliable firm to help out with energy efficiency around your own home. After a long search I believe I have found the right people to help me.

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Rogue Traders

Jul 05 2014

I reconnected with a primary school friend last week and as we chatted about children, husbands, our professions and homes, she let me know that she recently had an awful building experience with a disingenuous company. From delays to pressure for payment, the experience with these rogue traders sounded awful; not to mention at the end of it all she was missing tens of thousands of pounds… and half her roof! As she spoke, she hit on a lot of key points, things she wished someone had told her before she opened her home to rouge traders.

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Five Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

Jun 12 2014

We’re already mid-year, my goodness! I thought to mix it up a bit rather than my usual Q&A sessions, I’d compile all my super storage advice for you into one article, as a large majority of questions I get asked are regarding those tricky areas. My mother taught me that the best solution for clutter is a garbage bag and a cool head. But after you’ve discarded all unnecessary trinkets, what happens to the items you actually need? The truth is, if you have belongings, you will need storage, and the key to great storage is finding a place for items that does not infringe upon open space and adds a certain je ne sais quoi. I have compiled the clever storage solutions below because they exemplify great storage, allowing you to stow items proudly, in the open, without interfering with a room’s design.

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Aneliese’s latest column: Spring cleaning before or after renovations?

Mar 11 2014

March is one of my favourite times of the year because it heralds the start of spring which, for me, is all about change and exciting new ventures and projects. I cheated a little bit this year and started early by giving my daughter’s room a cheap and easy DIY makeover, and the project has got me pumped for even more creative DIY projects and cleaning exercises. But I’m not the only one that’s had spring on my mind lately – all you London mums have too! I’ve picked out a few questions that sum up the theme of this month’s questions nicely: spring cleaning.

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Feel Confident in Your Choices

Oct 17 2013

I overheard a conversation some months ago that I’ve taken time to think about. A group of women meeting for coffee were discussing their interior designers and it seems, like car salesmen and estate agents, we’re not much liked: bossy and unbending, seemed to be the general consensus, not prepared to listen and highly-strung was another comment and the one that stung, anyone can do what they do, so why bother? Ouch.

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