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Flexible work opportunities for mums with The Home Club

Sep 28 2014

I know a lot of you mums out there would love to go back to work. You may have a child and feel like there is just something holding you back from getting back to work, like child-care, or that sudden lack of flexibility you will suffer from stepping back into the office.

Believe me, I have lost count of the number of times my mum has told me she gave up a brilliant career to mother the four of us, as well as 2 step brothers. She claims that she doesn’t have the time to go back to work anymore, to which I respond “What if there was something you really wanted to do? Would you find the time?”

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Clocking Off for Easter

Mar 27 2013

The hard earned Christmas break seems a distant memory and your kids are looking forward to the Easter holidays and the chocolate treats that come with it.  If you run your own business, ensuring you meet the needs of both your family and your customers can be tricky; especially when it comes to the school holidays. 

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Fares fair on commuters who work from home

Mar 01 2013

Roger Evans, London Assembly Member, has recently launched a report ‘Home Works: Why London needs to expand home working’ that calls for a step-change in TfL’s attitude to home working and flexible working. In it, he calls for the Mayor and Tfl to introduce flexible travelcards and annual rebates to help commuters make substantial savings.

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Simple tips on how to return to work this Spring!

Jan 29 2013

Great tips on how to return to work this Spring provided by Lila Veltze and Sarah Archer, co founders and Career Coaches at CareerTree, an organisation that helps people make positive changes to their working lives. They are both mums and between them they have over 15 years experience helping other mums back to work.

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Trying to organise my disorganised home-working life

Nov 07 2012
Disorganised home-working

Organisation probably isn’t at the top of your list when you decide to work from home. For many years, it wasn’t mine either. I simply threw myself into it, and hoped it would work. Somehow! I knew I wanted to earn money working from home so that I could be ‘hands on’ with the kids, but didn’t have a clue where or how to start.

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