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How to ‘tame’ Teenagers on holiday

Mar 31 2013

What sort of teenager do you have? They are not all alike, although you may think they are, and don’t like to be boxed into or labelled. But having interviewed over 3000 teenagers and their parents over the past four years, travel author and journalist Sarah Tucker has discovered there are some traits you may recognise in your breed which may in turn help you to identify what type of holiday they most prefer. And what makes one tick on their travels and another not. There are in fact twenty ‘tribes’ of teenagers on holiday but here are ten of them.

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A family break to Cornwall

Dec 14 2012

In a little over four hours by car or five hours by train (eight if choose to take the exciting sleeper train) from London and you can be in the quintessential holiday destination of Cornwall. Yes, Londoners can reach the sandy Canvey Island beach in an hour but when it comes to family holidays in the UK, there are few better options than this south west region. With its enviably mild climate, picture postcard beaches and family fun all year round, the drive south west is definitely worth it. Once you arrive in Cornwall you’ll find a wealth of attractions sure to please Mum, Dad and children of all ages.

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Jan 05 2012

My name is RITA KOBRAK. I love travelling and I love Italy. The idea of mum and baby holidays came about while talking to other mums. Many said they did not feel brave enough to travel on their own with their babies and all the extra baggage that you need to take. This gave me the inspiration for mum and baby retreats in our lovely home in Tuscany.

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