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Why it just doesn’t add up – Expert’s advice to improve maths’ skills

Dec 22 2016

Industry expert gives the inside scoop on how to get kids back in the Maths charts. I am a former teacher and creator of education app Maths Rockx and would like to share my advice on how to get kids to love learning again and improve their maths’ skills.

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Improve Success in School with Right Brain Learning

Oct 29 2013

Even though half the UK’s students are right brain learners many schools today are still catering primarily for left brain learners. If your child is struggling to learn it may be that their learning style is not being catered for. Recognising that there are different ways of thinking and understanding helps us to realise that children who are struggling are not necessarily academically challenged but may not be being taught using the right methods.

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Writing fun with Benjamin Writer-Messy

Aug 31 2012

‘Benjamin Writer-Messy’ is an exciting picture story book for children embracing school skills and positively inspiring children to love writing and learning in general.

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Back to school – Tested and recommended: School Uniforms & other school essentials

Aug 24 2012

Here is a list of school essentials tested and recommended by London Mums.

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Smoothly Back To School! The essential back to school Guide for parents!

Aug 23 2012

Here are our top tips on how to help kids have a smooth back to school transition.

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