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Halloween & Bonfire Night tips for pets

Oct 25 2013

As many of us know, our pets are very sensitive to noise and get stressed by the sight and sound of fireworks going off, so here are some suggestions for measures you can take to try and reduce their anxiety and protect them from these events that are fun for us but not at all for them. I am very passionate about divulging this information as I feel for those poor pets who are dragged to noisy parties by dogs owners who are not aware how terribly scary these can be for their pets.

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Halloween recipe: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Oct 22 2013

Fab easy Halloween recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding using pancakes. We love them!!!

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Keeping your kids safe at Halloween

Oct 21 2013

As Halloween becomes more and more popular around the UK, some parents are entering unchartered territory. From choosing costumes to discussions about stranger danger, there are things parents can do to limit their own stress and maximise the experience for everyone.

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Monsters’ craze… What’s all the fuss about monsters?!

Nov 21 2012

Halloween is always fun for the kids who have the chance to get creative with their monsterish fancy dress costumes and themed parties. There’s no better time for a Monster High DVD to be released… This Halloween everyone’s favourite student monsters at Monster High can be watched in the first feature film of the popular Monster High™ franchise.

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Calling all mums who want to become a CNN iReport special Halloween correspondent

Oct 26 2012

Do you go all out for Halloween? Have you transformed your house into a haunted mansion? Do your pumpkin carvings belong in the Tate? Have you been planning your family’s incredible matching outfits since last Christmas? CNN want to see the evidence.

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