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Hello Summer

May 14 2013

I might have slightly miscalculated when I applied the hair dye inbetween putting dinner in the oven and eating it. And I certainly hadn’t counted on my other half actually getting home in time to eat with me. What a picture, plastic bag wrapped around my carefully applied home dye, muffin tops on full display (I had thoughtfully removed my top to prevent accidents). Delightful.

And thus we welcome in summer.

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50 shades of grey hair

Dec 01 2012

Grey hair. When you need it the least, you get more than ever. I barely have time to dry my hair these days let alone style it. Dying the grey out, well not only is that restricted to very special occasions, birthday’s, Christmas, it’s now become an event in itself. I have to schedule it in! By the time the kids are in bed, the washing up & baby’s bottles prepared, dinner cooked (albeit just a pizza/ready-meal) there’s barely time to sneeze.

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