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How changing habits can aid concentration

Nov 04 2022
two young girls sitting at a piano

Whenever we learn a new task it seems to take ages, but with every repetition, the time it takes to complete it decreases until it becomes automatic –  we no longer think about it…it has now become a habit!

I often start my habit change work talking to clients about about their identity and how they perceive themselves. People often use words like: kind, ambitious, hardworking, resilient and other positive terms. I get them to repeat a phrase for all their statements:

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It only takes a minute…to find your flow!

Oct 13 2022
father checking his watch and messages in front of a computer posing for mums magazine
“It only takes a minute to do that!” How many times have you heard this sort of statement? What are your thoughts?

How you react depends on your disposition towards time. Are you a person who meticulously measures time, or maybe you are a person who says, ‘It takes as long as it takes!’? Most adults fall somewhere in the middle.

However you look at it, time management can be a very contentious issue in the modern world. We’re often expected to conform to some sort of average, some sort of “normal”, but how many of us actually fit into this? And how can we cope if we fall a long way to one side or the other of what we think society expects?

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