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Mumpreneurs’ testimonial: how mums got into business while inspiring other mums to get creative

Oct 27 2012

Mums Charlotte and Fiona co-founded Woolly Mammoth in May this year. The company provides ready made art&craft packs that arrive through the letterbox twice a month (with a personalised label, we have found kids love receiving their own post) containing an imaginative make-and-do craft kit, photo suggestions, and either a story, song, quiz or game linked to that week’s theme. In our busy lives we never seem to stop. Work, school, activities and chores take over our weeks. Fiona and Charlotte designed Woolly Mammoth kits to make it easy for grown ups and children to have fun together.

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Little scientist experiments: Make your own mini volcano

Oct 19 2012

Take a look at this video where our little scientist six year old Diego attempts to make his very first volcano inspired by the history how Mount Vesuvius destroyed the Italian city of Pompeii.

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Oct 04 2012

Half of UK children think aliens have already visited Earth … Recent research shows that 41 per cent of children believe they have seen an alien or UFO compared to a quarter (25 per cent) of adults. Are you surprised with the result? Not really….

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Sep 21 2012

Children are ditching traditional teddy names, such as George or Edward and replacing them instead with obvious descriptions like Doggy, Piggy and Teddy.

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Art & Craft ideas: Recreate your own drawings inspired by Tatty Teddy Blue Nose toys

Aug 30 2012

My little girl, Little Snowflake just loves the brand new Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys. So much so she has decided to draw, paint them and sell them on Ebay to try and collect them all.

Here are some of the Blue Nose Tatty Teddy art videos she has created so far.

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