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Lifestyle & interior design Agony Aunt answers your questions this December

Dec 12 2013

It’s that time of year already, can you believe it? If you can’t, you obviously haven’t braved one of London’s favourite shopping hotspots like Oxford Street or Westfield yet, which means that a) you probably have a few more hairs on your head than I do and b) you’re either behind on your Chrissy shopping or have been very clever this year and have managed to do it all online!

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Lifestyle & interior design Agony Aunt Aneliese answers your questions this November

Nov 06 2013
London Mums Magazine working with Landmark Lofts agony aunt Aneliese

November is the month to get organised before the stressful – I mean ‘festive’ season starts. This month’s questions focus on planning ahead and getting the home in tip top shape before it becomes a seasonal hotel, filled to the brim with close friends and distant relatives alike.

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Feel Confident in Your Choices

Oct 17 2013

I overheard a conversation some months ago that I’ve taken time to think about. A group of women meeting for coffee were discussing their interior designers and it seems, like car salesmen and estate agents, we’re not much liked: bossy and unbending, seemed to be the general consensus, not prepared to listen and highly-strung was another comment and the one that stung, anyone can do what they do, so why bother? Ouch.

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Tips For Getting Your Kids To Be Creative

Aug 02 2013

The world through a child’s eyes is a place of wonder and endless possibilities. Children have an innate creativity and sense of wonder, filling in the blanks of the unknown with their imagination. Unfortunately, modern technology and toys often take up the time and space that kids would otherwise fill dreaming up new worlds, new answers and new ideas.

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9 Boredom Busting Tips for Your Kids This Summer

Jul 28 2013

Want to keep your kids occupied this summer in ways that won’t blow your budget? Kids usually have lots of creativity so there’s no need to spend money or give them an electronic device to keep them entertained (at least not always). Here are some excellent boredom busting tips on how to have fun on a budget this summer.

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