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Talking Pictures: Clooney and Roberts on Money Monster

May 27 2016

Talking Pictures celebrates its first anniversary in style by putting two Hollywood A-listers in the Big Interview hot seat.  George Clooney and Julia Roberts talk about Money Monster, their latest movie together.

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Film Review: Money Monster

May 24 2016

Hollywood royalty is out in force in cinemas.  Meryl Streep arrived as Florence Foster Jenkins at the start of the month, last week Tom Hanks was in the Arabian desert to deliver A Hologram For The King and now no less than George Clooney and Julia Roberts confront a hostage-taker in this week’s Money Monster (released this Friday, 27 May, certificate 15).

London Mums’ resident film critic, Freda Cooper, finds out if it lives up to its star power.

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2016 Film Preview

Dec 30 2015

For film fans, January and February are the best time of the year. And the worst. The awards season means that there’s a glut of good films released over those two months to make sure they’re in contention. And it also means trying to squeeze in as many cinema visits as possible over just a couple of months.

Except that 2016 might be slightly different. Some of the titles tipped as contenders were released months ago: Inside Out in July and Carol more recently in November. Which means that the start of the year could be a little less fraught than usual. As for the films themselves, London Mums’ resident film critic, Freda Cooper, takes a look ahead and picks the must-sees. 

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London Mums meet Tomorrowland’s young star Raffey Cassidy

May 24 2015

In between premieres and press conferences for her latest film, Tomorrowland: A World Beyond, rising star Raffey Cassidy chatted with London Mums’ film critic, Freda Cooper, about working with George Clooney – and learning to drive!

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Film review: Disney’s Tomorrowland starring George Clooney

May 20 2015

To visualise Disney’s Tomorrowland think Back to the Future meets Star Trek meets War Games. Everyone would certainly agree with executive producer Jeff Jensen who describes new Disney’s live action film Tomorrowland A World Beyond ‘a quintessential Disney movie’. Even before hearing Jensen say that, I very much felt the same about Tomorrowland. What does it mean ‘a quintessential Disney movie’? I went through a discovery journey involving a brief encounter with the film star George Clooney and here is what I found out. Tomorrowland A World Beyond will take audiences (including children over 8) on a thrill ride of nonstop adventures through new dimensions that have only been dreamed of when it opens in the UK on 22 May 2015.

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