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Spring Clean your CV!

Apr 28 2014

Spring is here at last! Feeling a surge of energy as a result of the sunny days and brighter evenings you might think about decluttering the house and detoxing your diet in readiness for the Summer but what about your career?

Whether you are thinking of returning to work after having a break or wanting to change jobs now is the time to direct a bit of energy to your CV and job search.

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Looking for a job in London

Apr 29 2013

Looking for part time work is always a daunting aspect. In general, the thought of finding work is scary, particularly within the current economic climate. Being the largest city (and capital of our country) London is a great place to start. With plenty of jobs around, there are more options for working mums than ever.

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Flexible, home-based work for career minded mums

Mar 05 2013

“Make Money Today and Fulfill Your Dreams Tomorrow™”- Flexible, home-based work for career minded mums. Check here this opportunity.

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Fares fair on commuters who work from home

Mar 01 2013

Roger Evans, London Assembly Member, has recently launched a report ‘Home Works: Why London needs to expand home working’ that calls for a step-change in TfL’s attitude to home working and flexible working. In it, he calls for the Mayor and Tfl to introduce flexible travelcards and annual rebates to help commuters make substantial savings.

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Simple tips on how to return to work this Spring!

Jan 29 2013

Great tips on how to return to work this Spring provided by Lila Veltze and Sarah Archer, co founders and Career Coaches at CareerTree, an organisation that helps people make positive changes to their working lives. They are both mums and between them they have over 15 years experience helping other mums back to work.

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