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The importance of teaching First Aid skills to young people

Apr 24 2014
teach first aid skills to young people

Here we are explaining the importance of teaching First Aid skills to young people.

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First aid: Road Traffic Accidents – how to help

Mar 16 2014

Road Traffic accidents – how to help!

On the 11th November there will be a National Road Safety Seminar and the Government has launched an excellent designed for children and teenagers to make them more aware of the dangers on the road.

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Win a St John Ambulance First Aid Kit

Oct 05 2013

At London Mums we are very passionate about first aid training. We have partnered with St John Ambulance to offer you the chance to win this great Travel First Aid Kit which is ideal for storing in your vehicle’s glove box and contains the first aid essentials to help treat common travel injuries.

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Acute Allergic Reactions – how to help

May 27 2013

All allergic reactions occur because the body’s immune system reacts inappropriately in response to the presence of a substance that it wrongly perceives as a threat. The body doesn’t react to the irritant directly, but reacts to the histamine produced by the body to fight the irritant.

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How to help someone who is choking

May 15 2013

One of the most frequent concerns is what to do if someone is choking. Choking is frightening, but rarely fatal.

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