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Chatting to the founder of Ragazze in gamba, the largest network of female slow walkers and hikers in Italy

Jan 25 2021

I recently met the founder of Ragazze in gamba, the largest network of female slow walkers and hikers in Italy – by Francesca Lombardo.

More than ever, slow walking and hiking have become popular activities for women to discover places, reconnect with the environment and nature, and detoxify, escape, and reconnect with ourselves.

When this happens in a country steeped in history, cultural sites, striking diversified nature and scenery, and walking paths, it is easy to understand how fast this trend has grown, gathering communities of slow walkers and hikers together, particularly women.

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Exclusive! “Ulysses was also a woman” says Nadia Terranova, author of Farewell, Ghosts

Nov 14 2020

By Francesca Lombardo. As last month I was nearing the ending of my memoir-novel writing I had the chance to attend a conference about female autobiographic writing at Insieme, a new literary Festival held at the Auditorium of Rome in October 2020, where two of the most interesting female writers of the Italian contemporary literary landscape, Nadia Terranova and Rossana Campo were speaking about female autobiographies and memoirs writing.

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Zhao Tao: only in Europe or in America they call me “Muse”. In China, I am just an actor

Dec 01 2019

By Francesca Lombardo. Often referred as the Muse of iconic multi-award winning Chinese director, Jia Zhangke (Platform, the World, Still Life, A touch of Sin, 24 Hours, Ashes is Pure White among his most acclaimed) to who is also married since 2012; former Chinese dance teacher, Zhao Tao has been invited this year at the Festa del Cinema of Roma to celebrate twenty years of her career as an actress during which she brought to the screen the desperation, the fragility and the empowerment of many unforgettable female characters. 

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