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Gazpacho Recipe

Jun 28 2012

This is Darren Marshall (Head Chef at Island Grill, overlooking Hyde Park)’s recipe for gazpacho. It is the one his wife’s family makes at home in Galicia (North of Spain).

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May 31 2012

The muesli gives a slight twist to a traditional crumble topping and served with delicious vanilla ice Cream is a family favourite.

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May 27 2012

This easy recipe can be served as a light dessert, or even on the BBQ. Perfect served with a generous scoop of Amaretto and Vanilla Ice Cream. You will impress your guests!

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Banana and cinnamon ice cream waffles

May 26 2012

This recipe is an indulgent breakfast treat and perfect for special occasions.

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‘Florentine and Pig – Have a very lovely picnic’ – kids’ & mums’ new book review

May 06 2012

Florentine and Pig have already won over an army of parents with their traditional values, even though the first book won’t be published until 7th June 2012. Eva Katzler has developed the brand and content through online channels. Florentine and Pig have an impressive 1477 followers on Twitter and a whopping 1762 fans on Facebook (early May 2012).

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