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Recipes: How to Throw a Ravioli Party

May 23 2015

Cooking with children is fun and educational. But if you turn it into a party they will love you forever. Here is a brilliant post that shows you how to throw a Ravioli Party. It can even become the theme for a Birthday Party. The recipes have been extracted from Noodle Kids by Jonathon Sawyer, published by Quarry Books (£15.99).

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Is your baby coming up to weaning age? What you need to know!

Feb 19 2015

You have just about got in to a routine with your baby but before you know it the next big phase is lurking around the corner and soon you will need to introduce your baby to food.

For some this can be incredibly exciting but for others it can also be terrifying. There is so much conflicting information about weaning – the how and the when – it is no wonder that many of you end up getting confused.

Here are the really important things on weaning you need to know and the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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RECIPE: Vegan Carrot Cake

Mar 29 2014


Here is a great RECIPE for Mum’s Amazing Vegan Carrot Cake kindly donated by the Vegan Society and Rebecca from


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Recipe: Banoffee pie

Jun 09 2013

The Bon Appétit blog has concocted this brilliant banoffee pie recipe for me! Easy and unusual recipe to make for parties or picnics using pancakes. You would not expect that so your guests or kids will be surprised!

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Recipe: Mini Carrot Cakes

Mar 10 2013

Try this recipe for Mini Carrot Cakes. We absolutely loved making them and eating them. So easy to make with the kids. And husbands will love them too. Perfect for Mother’s Day baking and beyond!

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