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Recipe: Chicken Supremes in lovage butter en papillote by Chef Marcus Bean

May 15 2017

This wonderful and simple recipe for Chicken Supremes in lovage butter en papillote was kindly donated to London Mums by Chef Marcus Bean as featured in new recipe book 365 Chefs for Charity: ChariTable Bookings Signature Dish. I would describe this book as the Cookery Bible of this century. I have never seen a more comprehensive recipe book. The great thing is also that ChariTable Bookings is a philanthropic restaurant booking platform that raises funds for UK registered charities at absolutely no cost! When making a booking through £1 for EVERY diner will be donated to charity. The ChariTable Bookings Signature Dish recipe book helps raise even more funds and awareness for charity. The book retails at £40.00 including a £5 donation to a charity of the recipient’s choice. It’s definitely great value considering its size and weight.

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Recipe: My Granny’s Summer berries Jam (child-friendly)

Mar 30 2017

My Granny’s recipe for Summer berries Jam is one of my 10 year old son’s Diego favourite ones, so much so that ahead of Mother’s Day he made two jars. It’s a super simple recipe. He did not need any supervision while making it.

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Recipe: My Granny’s Yogurt cake (child-friendly)

Mar 28 2017

This recipe for a simple yogurt cake is very child-friendly and is one of my Grandmother from Italy with a few modern variations. My 10 year-old son Diego has made it for me this Mother’s Day. It is such a simple cake that children can make it without supervision (except for when the cake needs to be put in the oven). You can make it for Birthday parties with inside filling of either jam or Nutella or custard at your taste. Cake baking and decorating is one of those activities that will keep kids entertain for hours, particularly important during the school holidays.

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Christmas Recipe: 17th century gingerbread biscuit

Nov 12 2016

If you are missing Bake Off try to make this Christmas recipe for a 17th century gingerbread biscuit kindly donated by The Museum of London and Albion which have joined forces to create this yummy cookie commemorating 350 years since the Great Fire of London.

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Dining in Chelsea at The Imperial is a galactic experience

Dec 17 2015

It’s Star Wars week. The Force is strong so I decided to dine at one of the best new restaurants in Chelsea for a galactic gastronomic experience. Dinner at The Imperial totally exceeded my expectations. I was offered food that was worth of the best Michelin star restaurant except that the price is not as high. Look away now if you haven’t eaten yet.

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