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Fairtrade school uniform – have you swapped?

Jul 10 2013

With back to school steadily creeping up, parents will have the same old concern that they have year on year, buying the ‘right’ school uniform. However recently, buying the ‘right’ school uniform no longer just means the correct uniform for the school, which fits well, washes well, is comfortable and increasingly fashionable etc.  Nowadays the ‘right’ uniform should also be ethical and more schools are including an ethical uniform alternative as part of their approach to sustainability and fairness.

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Fairtrade: is it really fair to ask us to look for this label?

Jul 04 2012

I used to view with suspicion all type of marketing around Fairtrade simply because I wasn’t really aware of what Fairtrade really was until my 5 year old son one day came home from school saying that we needed to buy only Fairtrade goods in order not to exploit the farmers …

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