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Film Review: Money Monster

May 24 2016

Hollywood royalty is out in force in cinemas.  Meryl Streep arrived as Florence Foster Jenkins at the start of the month, last week Tom Hanks was in the Arabian desert to deliver A Hologram For The King and now no less than George Clooney and Julia Roberts confront a hostage-taker in this week’s Money Monster (released this Friday, 27 May, certificate 15).

London Mums’ resident film critic, Freda Cooper, finds out if it lives up to its star power.

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Film review (a new perspective on Vera Brittain’s memoirs): Testament Of Youth

Jan 14 2015

After last year’s commemorations of World War I, it seems strange that the big screen version of one of the most significant books to come out of that traumatic time is released this week.

Not that it detracts from the emotional power of Testament Of Youth (certificate 12A), the first ever translation of Vera Brittain’s memoirs to the big screen.  And it’s a story that’s still echoes down the decades.

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