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Win 1 of 8 Lalaloopsy™ dolls

May 17 2012

Little girls everywhere can carry the cuteness of Lalaloopsy™ in their pockets, with the cute Mini Lalaloopsy™ dolls. The collectable smaller versions of the original Lalaloopsy™ dolls come packaged in their very own houses, which children can keep to help recreate the magical world of Lalaloopsy™ land for themselves.

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Dollshouse craft: Monster High dolls’ house out of an old box & junk

Apr 17 2012

Yesterday my little girl went over to her friend’s house so I thought I would surprise her by transforming the old cardboard box she was playing with into a proper Monster High Dolls house.

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Make your own Bratz doll Bumblebee costume pattern & mask

Mar 24 2012

Yesterday I was trying to create a butterfly pattern for the Bratz doll to sell on Ebay, when it all went horribly wrong (or did it?). The butterfly mask ended up looking like a bumblebee. As I am one of those fluke people who just goes with the flow, I thought oh well, I may as well make a bumblebee costume pattern instead.

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Monster High Cleo De Nile pattern wings and mask

Mar 23 2012

This photograph of Cleo De Nile, who is one of the Monster High Dolls, is wearing my very own Cleopatra costume, which I made for my daughter’s friends’ birthday. I asked her Mother this week what she would like and she gave me the Monster High dolly.

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