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The Voice of the Child from Divorced families

Nov 08 2018

Your child has suddenly become mouthy and rude. You are not able to just put it down to them having a bad day, as this has been going on for some time now and they are becoming belligerent toward everyone most of the time. OR

Your child becomes quiet and withdrawn. Not speaking to anyone, not calling on friends. Not even wanting to go play their favourite activity or go to school anymore. If your child is acting much differently than you are used to, there is always a reason and it is your job as a parent to find out why. Figuring out what their issue is, could be liking finding a needle in a haystack.

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My Ex Rarely Sees the Children

Dec 28 2014

When couples go through divorce, managing time between you and your ex can be stressful, and trying to ensure that your children aren’t affected is equally difficult.

However, in some situations the opposite can happen. When one person appears less interested in maintaining a relationship with your children, this situation can cause even greater upset and hurt for both you and your children.

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How to cope with being a single parent

Dec 27 2014

“I feel exhausted trying to juggle being a single parent and working at the same time. I don’t feel I am doing well at either.” 

Does this sound familiar? Being a single working parent can be very demanding.  The transition from being part of a team managing your time equally, to coping alone can often seem impossible.

Being a single parent means that you have to juggle so much more and for some this means less time spent with the children in order to work or provide. With this inevitably comes the feeling of guilt. That as a result, some parents cannot be there for their children as much as their children would like, and the stresses and strains of working life can make things very difficult at home.

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Divorce Can Be A Positive Experience

Dec 05 2014

Times have changed and the old fashioned view that a marriage will last forever has to fade. Britain has the highest divorce rate in Europe with 42% of first marriages ending in divorce. If we do achieve the fairy tale of happy ever after that is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule.

It is often said that divorce is the 2nd most traumatic experience after loss of a loved one. The divorce journey is a rollercoaster of emotions and a minefield of unknowns. Having been through my own divorce I am fully aware of how it can hit you like a freight train and leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to move forward.

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A rant about having sex with an ex whilst healing

Sep 05 2013

There is an article in the Daily Mail today entitled “Why ‘ex-sex’ CAN be a good idea: Sleeping with an old lover lessens psychological distress of break-up… if you’re not over him” (You can read all about it here: LINK)

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