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Aneliese’s latest column: Spring cleaning before or after renovations?

Mar 11 2014

March is one of my favourite times of the year because it heralds the start of spring which, for me, is all about change and exciting new ventures and projects. I cheated a little bit this year and started early by giving my daughter’s room a cheap and easy DIY makeover, and the project has got me pumped for even more creative DIY projects and cleaning exercises. But I’m not the only one that’s had spring on my mind lately – all you London mums have too! I’ve picked out a few questions that sum up the theme of this month’s questions nicely: spring cleaning.

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Agony Aunt Aneliese talks cleaning and decluttering for the New Year

Jan 06 2014

Happy New Year everyone, and what a year it’s shaping up to be! So far I’ve been inundated with questions about cleaning and decluttering for the New Year to ensure that 2014 gets off to the best possible start. I reply personally to all of your questions, but here are just a few of my faves:

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How To Throw The Ultimate Jubilympic Street Party

May 26 2012

The ultimate street party is all about the people – friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues, it’s the perfect chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a bank holiday weekend! So make sure you follow our top tips to create your very own Jubilympic street party. If you cannot have the Queen in person attending, make sure that you throw a great party without HM!

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Top decorating tips for a Diamond Jubilee themed party

May 17 2012

A really fun and simple way to decorate your home or party venue with a Jubilee red, white and blue colour scheme is to make some pretty ribbon pompoms.
Each pompom is made up of four large bows tied together, so you need to start by making your bows.

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