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Everything on Top of You…Literally? Then it’s Time to De-clutter during National De-clutter Week 7-18 March 2012

Mar 05 2012

Who doesn’t remember the TOSS/TAKE scene from Sex & the City? Well, that’s the best way of decluttering your wardrobe and your home. The annual spring clean comes early this year with National De-clutter Week beginning on 7th March 2012. Check some other tips to declutter this spring.

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January 2012 Newsletter

Jan 06 2012

Dear London Mums

Wow it’s already 2012, the year we have been waiting for for years, the year of the London Olympics and of the Diamond Jubilee to mark 60 years of The Queen’s reign. Have a wonderful year filled with joy, health, happy mummies and children and lots of sport! Let it be the year where we are all motivated to do more sport to be fitter and healthier. Let it not just be empty new year’s resolutions.

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Tidying the Children! by professional declutterer Cassie Tillett

Jan 05 2012

It’s been clear to me, throughout my experience of ‘stuff management’, that young folk are often very receptive to a structure for organisation. And before you fall about laughing, I don’t mean that they have a natural dispensation to the minimalistic. What I mean is that they like life made as easy for them as possible (and I can empathise with that sentiment, believe you me).

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