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NO New Year’s resolutions! Lifestyle detox is the MUST in 2015

Jan 05 2015
lifestyle detox

New Year’s resolutions suck and in 2015 I will use common sense to detox my lifestyle and live better. At the end of the day health is the most important thing in life! I have made a list of the key ingredients to live 2015 to the max.

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Agony Aunt Aneliese talks cleaning and decluttering for the New Year

Jan 06 2014

Happy New Year everyone, and what a year it’s shaping up to be! So far I’ve been inundated with questions about cleaning and decluttering for the New Year to ensure that 2014 gets off to the best possible start. I reply personally to all of your questions, but here are just a few of my faves:

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January 2013 Newsletter

Jan 08 2013

Dear London Mums

So the world is not ended and here we are in 2013, the year we were not supposed to ever get to! What will 2013 be without the buzz of the Olympics and the Jubilee? Well, for me personally it will be a year of doing all the right things (now that we know the world is not going to end 🙂 ).

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Clutter clearing can change your life!

Nov 05 2012
Moving House with a toddler London Mums magazine

What is clutter? On a physical level it is anything we do not use or love; on a non-physical level it is anything unfinished. It keeps us stuck in the past and prevents good new things from coming into our life. On average every one of us owns about 10.000 things which is a lot of stuff to handle, quite literally.

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Spring Cleaning tips to spritz your home

Mar 19 2012

As Spring is in full swing people are starting to think about their annual spring clean! But with hectic lifestyles and the current economic climate people are finding less time and energy to devote to their cleaning. Here are ten top tips to help have a quick and cheap spring clean!

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