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What to do if you think you have coronavirus – top tips to hasten your recovery

Mar 23 2020

Talk of coronavirus is inescapable. It is all over our media and because of this there are sometimes mixed messages. Government advice is constantly updating as the situation develops.

The Novel Coronavirus (covid-19) is a highly virulent virus, originally located in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China.  The virus has been swift to spread and has resulted in worldwide deaths from pneumonia. These deaths have mainly occurred in the elderly population and those with underlying health issues. Read more about the coronavirus in our article here.

About Emma Hammett

Emma Hammett is the CEO and Founder of First Aid for Life. First Aid for Life is an Award Winning fully regulated First Aid Training business, our trainers are extremely experienced medical and emergency services professionals and our training is tailored to your needs. We give people the skills and confidence to help in an emergency. Emma Hammett is a First Aid expert and is regularly contacted as a spokesperson for SKY News and the BBC, she is the First Aid expert for Mothercare. First Aid for life provides this information for guidance and it is not in any way a substitute for medical advice. First Aid for Life is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made, or actions taken based on this information. The best way to be prepared for action in an emergency is to attend a practical First Aid course. For more information please visit: or contact [email protected] 0208 675 4036

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